You Can Tell if Your Child is at Risk for Caries

Tell-Tale Signs Your Kid is High-Risk

Most 2 year olds have never been to a dental clinic and, in fact, 25% of kids in kindergarten have not seen a dentist face-to-face. If parents know what to watch out in their toddlers, including what they feed them, they’d be aware that bad or good habits are forming contributory to their oral health. As parents, you have to ask yourself.

Does your child have special health care needs including physical, developmental, mental, sensory, behavioral, cognitive or emotional impairment?

A child with such a special need have difficulties learning proper oral care; parents themselves will have to perform brushing and flossing on the children. In some cases, the child will have to be reminded all the time. And then, does he or she snack several times a day? Constant exposure to sweet or starchy foods enables the buildup of tartar on tooth surfaces and crevices, including under the gums and hard-to-reach areas. Same thing happens if your child frequently takes sodas, juices, shakes, or sports drinks in lieu of water.

And is your child currently on the bottle or nursing?

Know that it can lead to baby bottle syndrome, a condition of tooth decay that develops on the infant or a nursing child’s dentition due to long- staying bottle feeding. This can happen if the child sleeps with his bottle or if it is used as a pacifier. The liquids rich in sugar tend to stick around, especially on the upper front teeth, and are a magnet for bacterial attack.

Have you brought your child to the dentist already?

It is advisable that at the appearance of his first baby teeth, parents should already have dental consultations. The dentist will advise you properly. He will tell you to brush baby’s teeth before bedtime with a soft cloth or wet soft toothbrush, to lessen snacking and intake of sugary drinks, to drink fluoridated water, and to wean your toddler off the bottle by one year of age, at least. He will certainly also ask you to bring the patient to him regularly.

Meeting Your Toddler’s Issaquah Dentist

Know more about keeping your child away from tooth decay. Without knowing it you might be starting your toddler on certain habits affecting his oral health. We are just as concerned. Come visit us at Meadow Creek Dental for your baby’s first exam.