Wisdom Teeth Extraction

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Issaquah

Although some people are able to go through their whole lives without having a tooth removed, that’s certainly a rarity. At Meadow Creek Dental, we offer personalized care and stress-free methods to handle the extraction of wisdom teeth and other teeth.

Personalized Oral Care for Your Needs

Our team understands it’s not possible to take a one-size-fits-all approach to wisdom teeth extraction. Teenagers who are just starting to notice a tooth erupting at the back of their mouths usually have much different needs than a middle-aged adult who is now dealing with problems like infections and decay from a couple of teeth that should have been pulled years ago.

Dental Treatment that Aims to Keep You Comfortable

If you’re like many people, you’ve probably visited at least a dentist or two who recommended doing something that seemed a little extreme. Later, you might have found out the procedure that was performed wasn’t really necessary, and maybe even made an initial problem worse. We specialize in treatments that are minimally invasive, but able to solve the problems that are interfering with the health of your mouth.

Call to Get Comprehensive Dental Care

Before scheduling a wisdom teeth extraction, Issaquah residents sometimes feel uneasy. It’s our goal to put your mind at ease. We look forward to helping you feel as calm as possible during your appointment.

Although we can help with wisdom teeth extraction, Issaquah patients of all ages depend on us for general and pediatric dentistry needs, too. We focus on preventative measures so you can avoid having to go through more extensive procedures later in life. Contact Meadow Creek Dental now to choose an open appointment time.

Meadow Creek Dental Wisdom Teeth Extraction

There are many situations where wisdom teeth do not actually need to be removed. However, our Issaquah dentist may recommend an extraction of wisdom teeth if they have become impacted or of they are causing an infection in the mouth. In some instances, removing the wisdom teeth can relieve some pain or prevent damage being caused to surrounding teeth. If an infection occurs due to the tooth being left untreated, the infection may spread throughout the body and cause greater damage over time.

Procedure for Wisdom Teeth Extraction

X-rays will be taken in order to determine whether or not your wisdom teeth require removal. If one of our dentists deems it necessary to remove the wisdom teeth, they will perform the procedure using general or local anesthesia.

In order to remove the wisdom teeth, a special technique will be used that opens up the gum tissue that is covering the tooth. Then our dentist with remove any bone tissue that might be covering the tooth. Once the tooth is extracted, you may require stitches or a cotton gauze pad to stem any bleeding.

Benefits and reasons for wisdom tooth removal:

  1. Removes impacted teeth
  2. Removed infected teeth
  3. Removes broken teeth trapping bacteria and food
  4. Improves overall dentition
  5. Reduces overcrowding in the mouth
  6. Eliminates damaged teeth for improved oral health

Meadow Creek Dental provides wisdom tooth extractions for patients from all around the Issaquah and Sammamish area. Book an appointment online or call our office today at 425-369-9116.