Crowns and Bridges

When you need to repair broken or missing teeth, you may be a candidate for a dental prosthetic like a crown or a bridge. These are artificial tooth structures made from ceramic, porcelain, or a similar material, specially engineered by our dentist in Issaquah to resemble your original teeth in both appearance and function.

Crowns and bridges are important to your oral health. If your dentist recommends a crown or bridgework, you probably need it to prevent further damage, restore comfort and functionality, or keep your teeth from drifting out of position. And, once you get your prosthetic, you can generally expect it to last a lifetime.

How do Crowns Work?

A crown is what you need when a single tooth has been damaged, but is still largely intact. It gets its name from the fact that it sits atop your remaining tooth structure. If your tooth is broken, a crown serves to protect the delicate insides of your tooth to decay, improve the appearance of your mouth, and restore full functionality to your bite. Crowns may be recommended when a tooth is fractured, when you undergo a root canal, or in conjunction with a bridge.

How do Bridges Work?

A bridge serves to fill in the gaps caused by missing teeth. It gets its name from the way it is affixed to either side of the gap, spanning the empty space in the same way that a bridge spans a river. Bridges are held in place either by a set of dental implants or a pair of crowns, which may need to be installed upon otherwise healthy teeth.

Like crowns, a bridge is a good way to restore the functionality, comfort, and appearance of your mouth. Further, it serves to prevent the problems that are associated with a missing tooth, including loss of bone structure in your jaw or teeth drifting out of position.

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