How Effective are Fluoride Mouthwash?

Worldwide Systemic Review Confirms Benefits

Dental professionals have seen research supporting the evidence of the benefits of fluoride. It is known that fluoride helps prevent tooth decay by slowing the breakdown of enamel and increasing the rate of the remineralization process, making the enamel more resistant to acid. While dentists see the effects of fluoride in their general practice, can this be proved by statistics? Research is still ongoing and needs to be constantly systemically reviewed.

In 2016, the Cochrane Oral Health Group published its most recent review in which the objective was to determine the effectiveness and safety of fluoride mouthrinses in preventing dental caries in the child and adolescent population. This review included 37 trials involving 15,813 children and adolescents from different countries and spread over two to three years. Mostly trials based in schools and under supervision, the children were tested with sodium fluoride mouthrinses in specific concentrations.

There appear to be no significant differences regarding baseline caries severity, background exposure to fluorides, rinsing frequency or fluoride concentration. It confirmed that supervised, regular use of a fluoride mouthrinse can reduce tooth decay in both children and adolescents.

The combined results showed a 27% reduction in dental caries in subjects with decayed, missing and filled tooth surfaces when compared to another group that didn’t use fluoride mouthrinses. There was limited information on adverse effects or tolerance of children to the rinsing. The trial didn’t include children with primary teeth. Hence, there’s still room for more research.
The review has demonstrated the beneficial effects of fluoridated mouthrinses and more and more dentists trust the use of this compound in their practise.

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