Dental Implants to be Replaced by Stem Cell

Stem cell research has been a buzz worthy topic for many years and the suggested findings have been even more bold. New research prompts insight to dental implants or dentures being replaced with stem cells which may regrow missing teeth. Due to its extraordinary ability to repair, stem cells carry a specialized purpose which may aid in replacement of missing or diseased teeth via cells from existing teeth.

Commonly practiced, dental implants have been sturdy options where metals compatible with the human body are fixated in the upper or lower jaw to optimize its functions. Although seemingly safe and effective, dental implants are still artificial teeth that combine with the bone which can restrict candidates according to medical history and medical evaluation. The forward procedure in its test phase claim, “epithelial cells derived from adult human gum tissue are capable of responding to tooth inducing signals from embryonic tooth mesenchyme in an appropriate way to contribute to tooth crown and root formation and give rise to relevant differentiated cell types, following in-vitro culture.”

Having been successful in test mice, the Professor at King’s College London’s Dental Institute states, “thus a realistic source for consideration in human biotooth formation.” The new movements in science may lead to inventive procedures where dental implants become outdated and defunct.