Do Wide Gaps Between Teeth Lead to Tooth Decay?

It is a common misconception that, if you have a wide gap between two teeth, you are more susceptible to tooth decay. This is technically not true. Since it is actually easier to clean between teeth that have a bit more of a gap between them, you may actually find that you are less likely to develop cavities in the area of this gap. However, there are some concerns when it comes to teeth that are a little too far apart.

Unfortunately, if two teeth have a particularly wide gap between them, it probably means that at least one of them is crooked. It is probably crowding another tooth, making it more difficult to clean and leaving you more vulnerable to decay. Meanwhile, you may have a weaker bite, and your jawbone structure is being compromised while other teeth drift into the gap.

Should the gap between your teeth be a problem, you may be a candidate for orthodontic work, bridgework, or some kind of implant. Talk to our Issaquah dentist to learn more about your options.