The Modern Reality of Adult Braces

Getting braces is not a fun experience. Not only can adjusting your teeth be uncomfortable, but the wires in your mouth can make some people feel self-conscious. It is therefore that many adults make the mistake of avoiding the orthodontic work that they need and put themselves at greater risk of serious dental problems.

If you are so guilty, we have good news for you. The world of orthodontia has taken great leaps forward in recent years, such that the process of getting braces and the experience of wearing them is likely no longer as uncomfortable as you might expect. For example, many patients can benefit from highly innocuous braces made from clear or tooth-colored materials. The people around you may never even notice that you have braces, and you yourself may forget that you have them all.

If you think that you might be in need of braces, consult our Issaquah dentist. We offer a number of attractive options that will straighten your teeth and make you feel good doing it.