Dental Clinic brings Hi-Technology to our Issaquah Dentistry

Expertise and Technology hand-in-hand

Our Issaquah dental practice stands in its solid reputation of professional expertise and the strong bonds formed between our staff and our patients. Our instrumentation and apparatus guarantee our commitment to time-saving procedures, accurate outcomes, and enhancement of patient experience.

Some of the tools that are worth mention have set our Issaquah clinic apart from others. Take our Diagnadent laser system which makes reliable and accurate detection of dental cavities. Even very small or beginning caries are spotted for monitoring or early arrest and treatment. We also use Biomimetic dentistry at Issaquah. It’s a conservative approach to restorative dentistry, building only on the damaged, broken or decayed tooth surfaces and restores them to their most natural-looking form and function. It uses advance bonding techniques meant to be final and lasting.

Only in the Hands of Experts

Our Issaquah dentist is also a proponent of E4D CAD/CAM technology; what we like to call ‘same day dentistry’. It’s a complete chair side digital system for pin-point accurate impressions and fabrications of same-day crowns, veneers or inlays. It is resource-saving for patients – eliminating multiple visits, trials and errors.
Dr. Dipti is a premiere provider of Invisalign, our answer to traditional, metal orthodontic braces. We also use the Perioprotect system for periodontal cases. Used at home and in-between visits, the patient benefits from a sealed medication supply via a mouth tray. Velscope is another tool we use. It’s an oral cancer screening device, and aids in oral examination.

These technologies work optimally in trained and experienced hands. Dr. Dipti and her staff are dedicated to continuing education that improves and updates their practice and professionalism. We’ve got fine recommendations of happy and satisfied clientele to prove it.