Biomimetic Dentistry has come to Issaquah

What is Biomimetic Dentistry?

Translated to BIO, meaning ‘lifelike’, and MIMETIC, meaning ‘copy’, Biomimetic dentistry simply means to copy what is lifelike. This discipline works on the premise that since nothing is as good as your natural tooth structure, and if a part of it is decayed or broken, only the damaged section is taken out and replaced by a restoration that bonds tightly and keeps bacteria and other debris out. The outcome should be as natural-looking as the original part, as strong, and as durable.

Biomimetic Dentistry is, hence, restorative and cosmetic in purpose. The dental materials used, such as composite resins and ceramic materials, mimic natural tooth structure in appearance and function as to not be obvious that a restoration was done. A hard tissue bond is the preferred material as it withstands stress better, while biomimetic applications ensure the tightness, allow no shrinkage or gaps that give access to bacterial invasion.

This practice conserves as much tooth structure as possible, doesn’t use materials (like amalgam) that require extensive tooth grinding or drilling, avoids crowns and implants because more grinding is needed to fit them, and reduces the need for root canal treatments for it preserves more tooth structure that protects the pulp.

Biomimetics in Issaquah

Dr. Dipti Srivastava is a qualified Biomimetic dentist who brings this science to Issaquah. She transfers the philosophy of conservation and return to function in indicated cases in a way only a trained and experience practitioner can. Our patients find this type of dentistry less stressful to them and not as expensive compared to traditional dental procedures.