Putting on a Smile without the Wait by your Issaquah Dentist

Your Pick: Lumineers or Snap-ons?

Traditional porcelain veneers are still popular, custom-designed casings that fit frontal teeth to change their look and appeal. Though strong and natural-looking, veneers are permanent solutions and require that your natural teeth undergo some adjustments before they are fitted. Adequate enamel reduction and reshaping is necessary so that when veneers are bonded, they align perfectly with the rest of your dentition.

Lumineers are an alternative to porcelain veneers. They are ultra-thin, slimmer than traditional veneers, require little to no enamel reduction of natural teeth or extensive preps, or multiple visits. Your Lumineers are sturdy, long-lasting solutions of up to 20 years, and are incredibly quick to produce. You must also know that, since not all dentists have training to apply this system, we assure you that your Issaquah dentist is Lumineers-certified.

Snap-On Smile is your other option if you want that ready smile as you leave our clinic, or if you are not a candidate for implants or bridges. They are great for crooked teeth, stained teeth or gaps. These removable appliances require no permanent preparations, are reversible and are easily produced. You can just snap it on, no need for adhesives. Wash and clean your snap-ons as necessary.

Whatever Suits You

Though we offer traditional porcelain veneers, you might just want to park that for a while and instead go for the equally natural-looking Lumineers or Snap-on Smiles. At our Issaquah clinic, Meadow Creek Dental, we have both options waiting for you. If you are ready to dazzle with that smile, and you can’t wait, come on in for a consultation.