Localized Facial Swelling

When you experience swelling in your face, this could be indicative of a serious problem that you should bring to the attention of your dentist.

What Causes Facial Swelling?

There is a number of conditions that may cause a swelling in your face, many relating to your dental health. An infection in your oral cavity may result in a swelling around the jaw area. A blocked salivary gland may have a similar effect around the mouth or close to the ear. If you have a problem with your temporomandibular joint, it may manifest as a swelling. In some of the worse cases, it may be a warning sign of oral cancer.

Symptoms of Facial Swelling

A swelling in your face may be accompanied with mild or severe pain, discoloration, a feeling of weakness or numbness, dry mouth, or a number of other symptoms.

What to Do When Your Face Swells

Anti-inflammatory drugs can help with some of the more mild cases of facial swelling. You may also want to drink more water, in case your salivary glands are blocked. Should the pain increase, or you experience chances in your vision or other sensations, or you develop a painful facial rash, you should seek out professional help. Contact either your doctor or our dentist in Sammamish.

Dental emergencies for facial swelling are a priority for us. We accommodate dental emergencies on a walk-in or call basis on the same day.

We accommodate dental emergency patients the same day whether you come to our Issaquah or Auburn location. Our offices are open 23-24 days ever month (excluding Sunday) and our Issaquah dentist is available on-call after hours for increased flexibility to address your needs.