Do You Feel Pain Where You had Dental Treatment?

What Can Cause Pain and Sensitivity After A Dental Filling?

If you have just had a tooth filling at your dentist’s, you’d be sent home after proper home care instructions are prescribed. Your dentist will even tell you that some feeling of soreness, tenderness or even a degree of pain may be expected after your anesthesia wears off. At times, these post-treatment experiences may take longer than what you’ve been told. It might help if you have read about the common causes of pain after a tooth filling procedure, but a dentist is certainly the best resource on these issues.

Persistent Pain or Sensitivity

While most discomfort will go away after a few days, a result of your tooth reaction to the trauma of a dental intervention, persistent pain or sensitivity may be due to your filling’s improper positioning or the type of filling used. It can also be caused by an inflamed pulp nerve or an exposed pulp. If the filling is not positioned quite right, it can interfere with your bite. Like if it is too high, biting down on it will cause irritation to the treated tooth – it is not occluding properly with the opposing tooth.

Proper Technique

Sometimes, the filling material used might be causing the sensitivity or pain. Composite resins are commonly associated with shrinkage as it slightly compresses while it sets. Its proper layered application and curing techniques should ensure there are no gaps in between. Even after the procedure a slight shrinking may still occur causing a sensation of pressure inside the tooth, making it sensitive when you bite down.

What Options Do I Have?

If the pain and sensitivity does not go away, or if you feel uncomfortable, then schedule an appointment with our Issaquah dentist at Meadow Creek Dental as soon as possible. The dentist will be able to determine the issue. If it’s a matter of a filling that is too high, the dentist will adjust the height so that you can bite down with comfort and ease. If the issue is about sensitivity to composite resin, a different filling material may be recommended to replace it.

Now, if the discomfort is caused by an inflamed nerve or an exposed pulp, options might be to have a root canal or for our dentist to remove the damaged tooth and replace it with an implant or bridge.