Broken Teeth

Chipped or cracked teeth are among the most common of dental emergencies.

What Causes Broken Teeth?

A broken tooth is generally going to be the result of some sort of impact or trauma to the face. Some patients get struck in the mouth, and some simply bite down on something hard. The latter is all the more likely if you already have some tooth decay weakening your tooth structure, or if you have a habit of chewing on ice or similar hard substances.

Symptoms of a Broken Tooth

Occasionally, you may crack a tooth without any piece of it falling off. In such a case, you may not realize that you have a broken tooth until the decay sets in. You may feel a pain whenever you bite down, or when the tooth is exposed to high or low temperatures.

What to Do When You Break a Tooth

Did you break a tooth? It is important to have our dentist in Issaquah look at it as soon as possible. Any break entails a breach in your protective enamel layer, leaving the vulnerable insides of your tooth exposed to rot exactly as if you had an advanced cavity. Depending on the extent of the damage, you may need a crown, sealant, or a new tooth.

At Meadow Creek Dental, dental emergencies for broken teeth are a priority.

Whether you walk in or call ahead, we make every effort to accommodate dental emergencies on the same day, whether you come to our Auburn or Issaquah dentist office.

Our offices are open 23-24 days every month (excluding Sundays) and our dentist is available on-call after hours for increased flexibility to address your needs.