Before and After Transformations

Incredible Transformation at Meadow Creek Dental Issaquah

View the before and after transformation of our patients.

Replacing missing teeth via individual implants

This patient came to our dentist in Issaquah with two missing teeth. We were able to replace these teeth with a pair of durable dental implants. After the implants were inserted in the jaw bone, the patient had two individual implant crowns placed atop them to restore the natural dentition and appearance of the missing teeth. The implant crowns function the same as normal teeth.

Implant Supported Denture with Reduced Coverage on Roof of Mouth

This patient needed a complete new row of teeth, but preferred something more secure than conventional dentures. By placing a few implants in key locations in the jaw, we were able to affix a set of custom-built dentures directly to the patient’s mouth.

Implant Supported Bridge

This patient came to us with a sizable gap in his smile made up of three missing frontal teeth. Dr. Dipti was able to replace these three teeth with only two implants. These implants were placed in the space of the rightmost and leftmost missing teeth, and then affixed with a three-unit bridge. The final product is just as strong and functional as three individual implants, but requires less invasive work.

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