Benefits of Choosing Meadow Creek Dental

Why Choose Meadow Creek Dental in Issaquah?

When you’re looking for a quality dentist in Issaquah, you can’t go wrong with Meadow Creek Dental. Through the use of sophisticated technology, the latest in non-invasive dental practices, and a general sense of genial, patient-centered professionalism, we strive to maintain a high standard of patient satisfaction and oral health.

Eight benefits of choosing Meadow Creek Dental

  1. Customized Treatment Plan
    Every patient at our Issaquah dental clinic is unique. This is why we work to provide you with a customized treatment plan on your very first visit. Dr. Dipti will review your goals in detail and put together a treatment plan that will help you to efficiently achieve optimal results.
  2. Many Years of Field Experience
    Dr. Dipti Srivastava, has been practicing Dentistry since 1999. Our team is dedicated to ongoing education and lifelong learning in order to stay on top of the latest in dental care.
  3. Modern Technology
    The days of excruciating dental drills and surgical procedures are behind us. Meadow Creek makes use of the latest technologies and modern techniques designed to minimize patient discomfort while simultaneously achieving more effective, longer-lasting results. We use the best equipment and industry innovations.
  4. Comprehensive Approach
    The appearance, functionality, and health of your mouth are all closely related. With this in mind, we take a comprehensive approach to our work in order to ensure that you get the best out of your treatments. Whether you come in for cosmetic work, orthodontic work, corrective work, or periodontal work, you can expect to achieve a stronger, healthier, more attractive set of teeth.
  5. Range of Treatment Options
    Patients of Meadow Creek have a wide range of options for their dental treatments. We provide screenings for oral cancer and Perio Protect. Dr. Dipti is also a premiere provider of Invisalign invisible braces.
  6. Competitive Fees
    We provide fee information and can discuss costs associated with your treatment plan during your consultation. Your insurance may cover some of the costs of treatment, and we work hard to make sure that any out-of-pocket expenses you incur are fair and affordable.
  7. Minimally-Invasive Procedures
    Dr. Dipti is among the few Issaquah dentists to employ minimally-invasive dental practices. These practices reduce pain and discomfort to a minimum such that most patients do not even require anesthesia.
  8. Patient-Centered Approach
    We care about our patient’s oral health and well-being, and take pride in creating a highly patient-centered environment. To this end, we take extra steps to follow up with you, confirm appointments, and keep an open line of communication between you and your dentist.

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